संतोषी माता का व्रत कथा - Page 2/14

santoshi mata vrat katha

Santoshi Mata fast Story Starts - Page 2 /14

She cleaned the wastes and called him – “Son, All of your six brothers had finished their lunch, only you had left. When will you eat?” He replied- “Mother, I do not eat. Now, I am going to foreign country. ” Mother said- “If going tomorrow, you must go today.” He told- “Yes, I am going today.” He went out of the house after saying this. He remembered his wife when he walked. She was making cow dung chip (kande) at cowshed. He went there and said-
We went to foreign country, will return after some time
You stay here with satisfaction and do your devoir
She replied-
Go my husband with joy to left my concern
I stay here with Ram and God will help you there
Give me any of your mementos, to see I keep patience,
Don’t forget me and always kept in mind
He told- “I have nothing, I have this ring only, so, kept it as a memento and give me yours’ memento for me.” She replied- “What do I have, A hand filled with dung.” She made her hand print on his husband’s back as a memento. He went and reached to another country.